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Young Woman in Chair - Pencil
Woman in Chair - Pencil
Study Female Figure - Pencil
Study Young Woman - Pencil
Study Female Model in Chair - Charcoal
Sketch Female Model - Pencil
Sketch Female Model Sitting - Pencil
Sitting Female - Pencil
Sitting Young Woman - Pencil
Quick Study Male - Charcoal
Quick Head Study - Pencil
Life Drawing Woman
Male Figure - Charcoal
Head Study - Female - Charcoal
Gestures - Female Model - Charcoal
Gestures Standing Woman - Pencil
Gestures Young Female Model - Pencil
Gestures Young Woman - Pencil
Gestures Standing - Pencil
Gestures Man - Pencil
Gestures Female - Pencil
Gestures Costumed Model - Pencil
Gesture Young Woman - Pencil
Gesture Prone Woman - Pencil
Gesture Female Model - Charcoal
Gesture Costumed Model
Female Study - Charcoal
Female Nude Reclining - Pencil
Female Model Standing - Pencil
Female Model with Glasses - Pencil
Female Model Sitting - Pencil
Female Model Reclining - Pencil
Female Head Study - Pencil
Drawing Young Woman - Pencil
Drawing - Male - Charcoal
Drawing - Male Sitting - Charcoal
Drawing Supine Young Woman - Pencil
Drawing Female Model - Pencil
Costumed Model - Pencil
Costumed Model Sitting - Pencil
Tattoos - Charcoal with white chalk on toned paper.
David - Charcoal with white chalk on toned paper
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